Photo Which are the most peaceful countries in the world?

Which are the most peaceful countries in the world?

"The greatest problem all around the world today is that people are not in peace." That message is made by the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, stating that in every part of the world, peace is an important subject. He believes in promoting world peace through individual efforts to take peacekeeping initiatives.

To rank which countries are more peaceful than the others, a Global Peace Index or GPI is used. A GPI ranks safety in a country according to the occurrences of violence and crimes.Which countries are the most pacific countries in the world? Keep reading and find out our picks of the 5 most diplomatic nations in the world.

Which are the most peaceful countries in the world?


Iceland ranks at the top as being the most pacific country, with a GPI of 1072. It has a very low level of drug-related crime and drug abuse. Property related crime rate is at a low of 30.45 in Iceland. There are very few cases of vandalism and theft. Besides, this peaceful country is marked with very low level of violent crime. Armed robbery is almost unheard of, and corruption rate is equally at a low rate if compared to that of the other countries.

New Zealand

With a GPI of 1221, New Zealand ranks the second most non-violent country in the world. It is a safe travel destination and there are no poisonous or dangerous animals which might attack tourists there. However, safety precautions still need to be taken. Murder rate is fairly low at 1.3 percent. Total crime rates in New Zealand is 28 times less than that of the USA.


Portugal is at the 3rd rank according to the GPI about the safest countries in the world. Apart from being nontoxic for its citizens, it is also a pacific tourist destination thanks to its extensive expat community. Portugal is also a safe retirement haven for the elderly people. This country is renowned for its low violent crime rate.


Austria ranks 4th as being a safe country and travel target for holidaymakers. It is generally safe because there are very few incidences of major crimes like mugging or kidnapping. However, vacationers should stay alert and be vigilant for pickpockets and purse snatchers. Incidences of transport theft is fairly low; however, safety measures should be taken by staying watchful to avoid luggage loss.


Denmark is a very safe country and it is at the 5th rank according to the current GPI. It is a nonviolent venue for tourists; yet, safety precautions always need to be taken because it is not without dangers. The rising number of immigrants has somehow affected safety in Denmark, leading to an increase in gang violence.

In brief, no matter how safe a country is, absolute peace is unattainable because occurrences of violence may still happen in some parts of the so-called safe country. That is why Prem Rawat said, "Peace begins in our heart." In other words, unless the citizens are at peace with themselves, the world won't be in harmony.

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