Photo Focus on the wonders of New Zealand, one of the most peaceful countries

Focus on the wonders of New Zealand, one of the most peaceful countries

Focus on the wonders of New Zealand, one of the most peaceful countries

New Zealand is an island in the southeast of Australia, in the South Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It is also famous for its wonders. Read this article about this pacific island.

Limestone caves in New Zealand

New Zealand is characterized by its unique landscape with diverse geographical features. In fact, it has volcanic sites, thermal spring waters, snowy mounts, forests, alpine lakes, fjords, caves, beaches and islands, limestone and many other fascinating places.

Here are the most beautiful wonders of New Zealand

Limestone caves

New Zealand Island is endowed with approximately 300 caves in the North Island, and there are around 250 caves in the South Island. Waitomo Glowworm Caves offers a challenging boat experience for adventure lovers. The cave is best to be explored at night when the worms glow better. During the day, too much light prevents the good view of the glowing worms.


New Zealand has fascinating fiords or fjords, in the southwestern part of the South Island. A fiord is a long, narrow, deep body of water. It stretches far within the island. New Zealand has 14 spectacular fiords. Mountains border the fiords, and the reflection of the color of the sky on the body of water gives a feeling of zen and serenity once you observe the fiords. It is a suitable destination for spiritual retreats to develop spiritual life; besides, it is also a suitable destination to activate your self-fulfillment opportunities.

Fantastic beaches

There are over six hundred fascinating, pristine beaches and swimming places in New Zealand. Rivers and lakes are also available for swimming opportunities in the island. Beaches over there are unique for their rock formations. Other beaches are ideal for surfing because of the presence of surf breaks.

In brief, New Zealand is an ideal destination for those who are interested in spirituality. To find the inner peace that the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, is often talking about, New Zealand can be an appropriate destination for a spiritual retreat. Prem Rawat is a supporter of peaceful meditation in nature to gain Knowledge for the real happiness in life.

Spa world

New Zealand is endowed with a large number of geothermal spring waters, which are called waiariki in Maori. To be zen, it is a good idea to spend some time in any of New Zealand's hot springs. In general, thermal springs are used for therapeutic purposes. The most common ones are located in the Taupo Volcanic area of the Highland region, in the North Island. Here are some of the good things about the thermal spa:

  • Soaking under the hot springs soothes sore muscles and ailing joints
  • It relieves back pain and appeases aching legs especially if they are caused by poor blood circulation
  • Thermal spring improve blood flow due to the presence of specific minerals in the hot spring water; thus, it can also help restore energy.
  • It enhances mind tranquility and the good functioning of the vital organs

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